Opening Hours:  7:00–5:00pm

Call Clinic:   (07) 4031 0888


Clinic Director: Ms. Veronica Wong


Veronica has spent most of her professional career working with children affected by factors limiting their cognitive, social, and emotional developmental. She has undergraduate qualifications in Psychology, Teaching, and Special Needs Teaching and is primarily focused on developing social and emotional capabilities in children and young people. She has developed a wide array of teaching and learning aides and is available to work with families and organisations as required. Parents and Carers of children and young people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Impairment, and Learning Difficulties are encouraged to enquire about the range and prices of services available.





Principal Psychologist: Dr. Jeff Nelson


Jeff is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 20 years of experience working in different facets of psychological and neuropsychological practice, teaching, and research. His formal education includes an undergraduate psychology degree, a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD with focus on the brain’s frontal lobe functioning. He places more importance however on what he learns from his clients, peers, and through personal and professional experience. Jeff works well with clients who have grown up in difficult conditions and whose experiences limit their capacity for self-acceptance, trust, and true engagement with the world. Diagnoses most commonly associated with these difficulties include depression, anxiety, trauma, and personality disorder.


Jeff is an Aboriginal man and has lived and worked in and around Aboriginal communities for more than 30 years. He spends a large proportion of his time working with Indigenous clients in clinical, forensic, and school settings in the Cairns, Cape York, and Townsville regions. He also works consistently with clients affected by sex and gender issues and with the effects of sexual misconduct as the offended against and the offender.



Visiting Psychologists


The Psychology and Wellbeing Clinic provides a hosting service for Masters Degree qualified psychologists from within Queensland, other Australian regions, and from other countries. This gives clients from the Cairns region opportunity to work with clinicians trained in other universities with arguably different experiences, understanding, and expertise.


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